handThe word haptics has its origin from the Greek word haptesthai, meaning ‘the sense of touch’. Haptics enables us to experience and create the sensation of touch when interacting with simulated environments. Haptic feedback adds realism, provides compelling interaction, and induces a sense of presence while interacting with virtual environments. Haptic feedback is realised through a haptic interface. The haptic system acts as an interface for human and machine interaction. A haptic interface consists of a haptic device (a mechanical manipulator with sensors and actuators) and a computer system that runs the control system governing the interaction with a virtual world. In the medical simulation, it is important for the user to gain intuition via the sense of touch. Research has clearly shown that early exposure to haptic enhances learning and facilitates the acquisition of required skill and intuition. At Mimyk we design and develop engaging human machine interfaces with hi-fidelity haptic feedback.

Immersive simulation
stomachImmersive medical simulations involve algorithms and software for haptic interaction with virtual organs. Immersive medical simulation is one of the focus areas at Mimyk. For surgical simulations, research has been focused on developing interaction models for tool-tissue interactions. However, haptic simulation and rendering is a user-in-the-loop operation where the user is part of the closed-loop dynamical system. Any instabilities in the interaction are directly perceived by the user in the form of random oscillations.  At Mimyk we design and develop methods for stable interactions between the human and the Virtual Reality interfaces.  We focus on developing physics-based interactive models for immersive medical simulation.

Integrated design
endoscopeIntegrated design approach brings together design specialisms from various domains including user perspectives. An integrated design process includes the active and continuing participation of users, design engineers from different domains, artists, and industry advisors. In order to make an impact with our design, we strive for clear and continuous communication, rigorous attention to detail, and development through active collaboration. At Mimyk we combine integrated design with design thinking for target markets to satisfy immediate customer needs.