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Available Positions

Please drop a note if you are passionate about deep-tech and medical devices.

Always happy to talk to prospective team members.

We are hiring interns and full-time team members in the following domains

  • Computer graphics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Product design
  • Embedded electronics
  • 3D modeling and animation artist
  • Physics Simulation

What we look for?

  • Independent problem-solving skills
  • Passion for making a difference in healthcare
  • Basic domain specific skill-sets

Open positions

Computer Graphics/Game Development

We are looking for Professionals/Interns/Students with a passion for 3D graphics and visualization. The ideal candidate must have good skills in Unity3D game development in C#, Shader code (GLSL and/or CG). It is also desirable that the candidate is proficient with OpenGL, and linear algebra concepts in general. Furthermore, skills in 3D modeling software (Blender/ Maya ) will be very useful.

3D modeling and animation artist

We are looking for Professional/Experienced artists who are proficient at creating 3D assets for games. In particular, 3D modeling skills with Blender or Maya, and texturing skills with Photoshop will be relevant. Additionally, familiarity with Unity3D and its shading system to generate good materials (textures/ normal maps) for the target system will be Plus.

Happy to connect on – LinkedIn.